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Our mission is to provide our clients with a customized path that achieves and maintains financial independence. With nearly a half of a century of wealth management under our belts, we are able to custom design financial plans that achieve and protect what our clients value most.

Your interests come first at Crossroads Financial, and we understand that it takes more than one person to give you the attention and quality you deserve. That's why we combine our efforts and come to you as a team that develops and continually cares for your personalized plan. We are a close-knit team that wants to build a long-term relationship with you and provide you with constant care and excellent service.  


For every individual we team up with, we create a customized portfolio that is truly one of a kind. We know you have personal dynamics that make your needs your own. That’s why every portfolio we create is uniquely designed around your own objectives and tailored specifically to your goals. We achieve these client-centric results through a combination of high-level expertise, due diligence, technical aptitude and creative thinking. And when you see that the follow-through is always flawless, you’ll trust us for life. 


Our compensation structure is based on a set percentage of your assets instead of on commissions. With this straightforward structure, no conflicts of interest arise. We put your interests first and we make our recommendations based solely on your needs, circumstances and goals. We are committed to achieving your specific goals outlined in your plans, and with this easy-going compensation structure, we are always proficient in our delivery.